2019, blogtober

Why I blog

Hey Readers…

I am not sure how to start this discussion post, but I thought I would do a little something explaining why I blog.

I first started this blog in 2016 but interest in 2017/2018. As a matter of fact, I lost interest in reading during 2017/2018, mainly due to life but also because I was trying to keep up with the latest hyped books, I had to try and have them all. 

I have now learnt not to try and keep up with what everyone is doing and to do my own thing.

I don’t have friends who read books so for me starting a blog was a way to get my thoughts out to people who like reading also. I wanted a safe place for me to discuss books and bookish things. I also want to make friends with people who have the same interests as me.

Sometimes I do get anxious that what I am doing isn’t good but I appreciate every single person who follows my blog & likes or comments on my blog whenever I post.

what are the reasons you blog? Let me know in the comments




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