2021, Organisation, Planning

Planning and Organisation

Over the past year – well maybe longer – I have been looking for the best way to plan that suits me.

why was this so difficult for me? Well I was trying to plan for other people. I was too obsessed with how other people were doing it and trying to fit it into my life. The problem, most of the people I was watching on YouTube had entirely different lives to me, so something that suited them and their life, would never fit for me.

Since the global pandemic, It has made me look at my life, to figure out what I want to do with my time and what exactly I need to “plan” in a day when life is practically at stand still due to circumstances out of my control.

I can focus on my goals, get routines in place all without “actual” life getting in the way. These habits will then be in place that I can carry them on when everyday life is back to normal.

My Planning Systems

Now I am using two planners and a lined notebook.

My two planners are the from Go Girl Planner and I find these are the right amount of space and information I need. The second Go Girl Planner I have is a budget planner, which I am finding I am sticking to it so far – by this I mean I have looked at it more than once.

I also have a notebook for little notes I want to make about my goals and my list for things I want to happen or will need to think about in the future.

but I will be adding a Bullet Journal rather than the notebook which I will always have with me to add little notes and tasks I need to remember. I am hoping my Bujo will become and extension to my brain, I find it very difficult to remember things without them being written down in an organised way.

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