2020, REVIEW

5 mini reviews

Simple Genius – ✪✪✪✪

As always I really enjoyed this book by David Baldacci. I like how michelle’s character grows more throughout this book and faces things from her past. I did find a few things a little off putting, for example things that Michelle had said during hypnosis treatment. I like how Baldacci writes Michelle and Sean’s relationship. I like how it a friendship and nothing being rushed into. I thought the story and the mystery element of the book were done really well and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on the next book.

Throne of Glass – ✪✪✪✪

Celaena is a funny character & I love her sense of humour. She can be a bit bratty and like a typical young adult, she thinks she knows better. I really liked this book and like the story we go on with Celaena. I liked seeing her soft sides in parts of this book and thought these were a nice thing to see especially after reading the short story collection.

I have the rest of the series and I hope in 2021 I can get to the rest of them

Scythe – ✪✪✪✪✪

This was a re-read for me, I forgot how much I loved this book. It is something quite different from usual books I have read. This book pulled on my heart strings so many times, it is a great start to a series and I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Dawnshard – ✪✪✪✪✪

This is a novella for the Stormlight archive series – It is quite a big novella but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a good insight into more of the side characters that I have liked from previous books but you never really get to see. The main character of this story Rysn Ftori is disabled and uses a wheelchair as she doesn’t have the use of her legs after an accident. I thought this was handled really well and appreciated this character got more of a story and I hope she makes more of an appearance in future books.

The stormlight archives is a series I highly recommend, but be prepared the books are super long.

City of Bones – ✪✪✪

This is another book that was a re-read for me. I enjoy these books, the characters are likeable, the kinda love triangle thing was getting on my nerves slightly but other than that I thought the story was good and I am interested enough to continue on with the series. It wasn’t my favourite read towards the end of the year but it was a quick read.


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