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Weekly Update

Hey readers…

I have finished two books this week and I am currently reading three books, two of these I know I will be able to finish by next friday

Finished books

The Institute by Stephen King was the first book I finished in this week. I gave this book 4 stars, it gave me xmen vibes which is a series I really love. I will hopefully have a review up for this soon

The second book I finished this week was The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen, I gave this a 3.5 stars, I did originally rate it 4 stars but lowered this slightly as Rizzoli, seemed a little too in your face and judgemental in this book. I like the plot, Tess Gerritsen is an author I like reading and I can fly through her books.

Currently Reading

I am currently 81% into Oathbringer, the story is amazing so far and I am loving finding out more about Dahlinar and he is becoming a character I really enjoy, I am starting to understand him more. I think I will be able to finish this book by next week.

I recently restarted this after starting the book on my kindle. I found trying to use the glossary to find out what words meant was too much of a hassle as it was on the authors website, meaning I kept getting distracted with my phone whilst reading. I loved that the author mentioned this in the Ebook and gives you the link to the glossary for easier reading. I ended up buying the book in paperback and restarting my read. I am 26 pages in roughly so not far and I don’t have many opinions as of yet.

David Baldacci is another author whos books I find myself flying through whenever I pick one up. I enjoy his characters and I enjoy his plots. I am over 50% into this book so I think I will be able to finish this this week.

Blog Posts

I have had two blog post up this week.

November TBR

I’m a Therapist and my patient is going to be the next school shooter

How has your week gone, have you finished any books this week? if you have let me know in the comments below

-Happy reading

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