2020, REVIEW

Review: Harley Merlin and the stolen Magicals


Author: Bella Forrest
Pages: 408
Star Rating: ✪✪✪.5

| Synopsis for book one | 

Harley Merlin can sense people’s emotions, among other things. It’s how she snagged her first job pinpointing cheaters at a casino.

But she has no clue where she got these freakish powers because she spent her childhood jumping from home to home in the foster system, and her father left her with nothing more than a cryptic note. Then she crosses paths with a terrifyingly real monster. This is when a mysterious and annoyingly arrogant young warlock named Wade Crowley steps in, introducing her to a hidden world of beasts, magical, and covens riddled with secrets—as well as clues about her murky past.

Whether she likes it or not, this new world is where she belongs. But after a disturbing twist of events, Harley quickly realizes that her past is darker than she could ever have imagined and that someone in the coven is out for her blood. With the help of Wade and her new friends, she must figure out who the traitor is and why they’re targeting her… Before the human and magical worlds dangerously collide.

| My thoughts |

I am still enjoying this series, they quick read and I get them through them really quickly. I am finding Santana’s sections of the books so much better than Harley’s sections at the moment. Santana is a good character, she is a good friend and is always trying to do the best for everyone

Harley isn’t my favourite character at the moment, she doesn’t seem to be growing in my eyes, she still makes the same mistakes she made previously. 

The plot is still intriguing and kept me interested even though I  am unsure of the main character but because Santana also has chapters this breakup Harley’s sections which is probably why I keep going with these books. 

I don’t want to go to much into the plot of this story because it is the 3rd in the series. I am looking forward to carrying on the next in the series. 

Harley Merlin Book 1 

Harley Merlin Book 2 


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