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OWLs Week 1 & 2 Wrapup

Hey Readers … 

I am going to do a quick little update for week 1 and 2 of the OWLs Readathon. As everyone is well aware the UK and most of the world at this point are on lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus. I am currently working from home and only leaving the house when absolutely necessary. This lockdown is taking its toll on motivation to do anything at the moment except play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I can’t seem to be able to concentrate on any reading. 

I have finished one book in these two weeks and I have started another three. 

The first book I finished is The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson, I have mainly been listening to this whilst I have been working to help me to concentrate as both myself and my husband are working from home in the same office – we do the same job for the same company. I have given this book a 5 star and the review will be up on Wednesday. 

I have started Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, this is a good story so far. This is something I don’t usually read so it’s slow going as I can only read so much at one time. I also tried to read The Magic of the Magdalene Key by Patrica Iris Kerrins, this book just wasn’t for me and I DNF’d it after 10 pages. The writing wasn’t for me at all, descriptions on one page were repeated with a slightly different word order 2 pages later. I was really looking forward to this one it sounded like something I would have really liked. 

The last book I have started is Deeplight by Frances Hardinge, I am only 25 pages into this one so far but I am really enjoying what I read and will continue on reading this over the next week. 

well… that’s everything for now. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and following the lockdown rules. I also want to thank all health care professionals all over the world, who are putting themselves at risk to look after the sick during this time. 

Let me know if the comments, what you have read recently this month, also let me know how you are holding up during this difficult time. 

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