2019, blogtober

Reading Apps I Use.

Hey readers… 

Today is day 10 of blogtober and due to messing up with my scheduling I have only missed one upload so far. 

I thought I would do a little discussion about the different apps I use whilst reading.

Bookly Reading App


You can add books you would like to read, are currently reading or have finished to the app. Each book will have its own statistics plus you get overall statistics for the month and for the year.

In the app, you can also add monthly goals, like the number of pages or the minutes you want to have read. Or you can set yearly goals for the number of books you would like to read. You can achieve in-app achievements which are also fun to try and achieve.

You can also get statistics about each book you read. Once you have finished a book you get the 2nd graphic above which lists minutes per day, pages per day, reading speed, total time spent and total pages.

I do find this app really useful to keep a track of all my reading. I just need to beat the 100-day reading streak now!



Goodreads is another app I use, I enjoy seeing what other people think of other books and what my friends on Goodreads think of the books I am planning on reading. I like Goodreads as  I use it for my yearly challenges, I don’t want to stick solely to Bookly just yet as I havent been using that one for very long and I am still getting used to the functions and the way the app functions on my phone. I have been using Goodreads for quite a few years. Goodreads does need an update though and some other functions added to it, it an built-in abandoned bookshelf, for the books you do not finish.

These are two of the screenshots I wanted to get from the Goodreads app as I didn’t want to get anyone’s names in them.




I didn’t know whether to add this app or not as I have been only using it for a few days because I saw someone mention it on twitter.

The thing I like about BookSloth is the link to some Booktubers in there, now these are the ‘popular’ Booktubers but it links to the channels and recent videos. It also links to book-related Podcasts, Book news channels and people it thinks you might want to be friends with due to the books you have in your TBR/Currently reading shelves.

I am enjoying the Booksloth app so far, and they have great customer service. I was unable to login, I messaged them on twitter and it was all sorted.

All of these apps are great, and help me keep a track of what I am reading on the go.

What reading apps do you use? Let me know in the comments below.



21 thoughts on “Reading Apps I Use.”

  1. I LOVE Bookly. I’ve heard of BookSloth but I kept forgetting to check it out, so I really appreciate this post, so helpful! I wish the Goodreads app was less glitchy because I love the convenience of it.

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    1. Aw thanks, I’m glad it was helpful! Booksloth at the moment seems really good, it has all the books I’ve wanted to select but does have the option to suggest books if they are not there:) bookly is awesome I love using it.

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  2. I’ve used bookly for a little bit, but then I kept forgetting to actually turn it on one I started reading, but I really liked the stats that you got. I think I’m going to download it again, at give it another try!
    I mainly use audiobooks apps on my phone, I do have the Goodreads app, but I actually only use it on the computer, since I really don’t like the app. I also have an ebook app (similar to kobo, but a dutch version), but I don’t really use that one either haha


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    1. I do sometimes forget to open it when reading or when it isn’t convenient (like travelling) so I just add the number of pages and the time (roughly) I spent reading the book at the end of the day 🙂 you’ll have to let me know how you get on with it again

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  3. I gave up on Bookly early this year. I get the feeling that the Apple version is better, but on Android it was buggy, and some basic features I wanted didn’t seem to be in place. I hadn’t heard of BookSloth – installing it now!

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  4. I mainly use Goodreads, but will definitely check out the two others. I also have a couple of apps to borrow books through the library. Very useful, especially while on the go and I am not always bringing enough books!

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      1. You click the little + button next to the start/continue reading button.

        Add the amount of pages you have read, and roughly how long you’ve been reading and it adds it to the book 🙂 hope this helps


  5. i was really enjoying this post but then of course theres a bloody bookish app featuring an image of the one thing im actually scared of lmao :’) brb never touching that one.

    i do wanna try bookly tho!! do you pay?

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  6. Thank you for posting this; I haven’t really explore the world of bookish apps, so this is extremely helpful! I primarily use GoodReads, but I’m trying to use hoopla more since I’m able to get it through my college!

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