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September Book Box Club

Hey Readers…

Today I am going to go through the unboxing of the #bookboxclub box for August. The theme for this month is: Magical Realms


As always the book is at the top of the box, neatly wrapped in this amazing wrapping paper and with the card on top which invites you to the clubhouse to speak to the authors on a set date.

20190919_144030.jpg The first thing I see is a bath melt by Shimmer & Luxe, this is a gorgeous looking bath melt. I can’t wait to use this. 

20190919_144037.jpgThe next thing I pick out of the box is this amazing pin designed by book box club. The pin is for the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This looks like it is of good quality. 


20190919_144045.jpgThis bookmark was the next thing I got out of the box. It is a Spirited Away magnetic bookmark by Four Seasons Fox. This is also a good quality product and I can’t wait to use it in my books. 






20190919_144052This is something I haven’t seen in a box before. It is an Elsewhere room spray by Lacuna Candle Co. This spray smells delightful and unfortunately, this shop has now closed, from what I can gather on Instagram. 






20190919_144059The final thing is this gorgeous book sleeve. This is made by Sparrow + wolf.  It is such high quality and fits a paperback in perfectly from what I have tried. I love it and will be using it often. 




The book:

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow


I have been hearing about this book everywhere and I can not wait to read it. This book has such a pretty cover. 

Synopsis from the card:

January Scaller has always been a well-behaved curiosity, living under the rules of a foreboding master. Then, one day, she discovers a leather-bound book full of far-flung adventures, mystical portals and otherworldly explorers. As January’s own story begins to merge with the tale she is reading, it’s time to wave goodbye to her former quiet existence and begin a new life of magical world-swapping adventures. 

Overall thoughts

As always this box is full of things which I would use. The quality is really good on every product received. Each box makes me more and more excited for the next one.  


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