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10 things I love about Autumn

Hey readers…

This is just a quick post about the 10 things I love about Autumn. I look forward to these things each year.

The cold dark mornings

Winter, Fog, Outside, Cold, Branches, Mist

I absolutely love getting up for work, knowing the mornings are autumn mornings, I can get up miles easier in autumn/winter than I can in spring and summer. I love walking to the station when it’s so quiet and dark with the frozen crunchy leaves under your feet, drinking my coffee in my re-usable cup.

Cosy Jumpers

Fashion, Sweater, Clothes, Wool

I am a naturally cold person anyway so I have lots of jumpers/jackets I wear no matter the season, but getting new cosy oversized jumpers in autumn is my only favourite time to go shopping, I love how warm and comfortable they make me feel. Mustard is my new favourite colour to wear so I am on the lookout for mustard jumpers at the moment.


Bonfire, Camping, Fire, Flame, Group

This kind of links with the first one and the love of being out in the dark in autumn. I love being out with the fire, spending time with my family. sometimes this is the only time we get to spend quality time with family and getting to bond with my stepbrother and stepsister around the fire is just perfect and are my most cherished memories.

Hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate, Cocoa, Advent, Chocolate, Christmas

Hot chocolates are my favourite drinks to drink and autumn for me is the hot chocolate season and I love it.

Hats and Scarves

Baby Doll, Dolls, Winter Doll, Cute, Decoration

This links to the cosy jumper and my love for being warm. I love wearing hats and scarves and gloves.

I have a selection of scarves which are massive and are like mini blankets, that I can wrap around my shoulders.

The sun rises & Sunsets

Sunrise, In The Morning, River, Cold, Nature, Landscape

The sunrises and sunsets in autumn are beautiful. They are so deep in colours, oranges, purples and reds. This is why I like going to work in the dark as  I get to witness these sunrises and sunsets.

Leaves changing colour

Fall, Autumn, Red, Season, Woods, Nature, Leaves, Tree

Leaves changing colours is another thing that makes autumn my favourite season. I love that one tree can be yellow, orange, red and green all at the same time. Everything to me is prettier in autumn.


Candle, Candlelight, Ceremony, Occult

I love Halloween and even though I don’t do anything for it now. I love carving a pumpkin and having it in my front room. The smell of pumpkin is my favourite thing and when you have the candle in the pumpkin, curled up with a good book. I just can’t think of a better feeling.

All the autumn treats

Autumn, Fall, Cozy, Hot Cider

All the autumn treats that come out. Treacle toffee and toffee apples. These bring so many memories for me as a child, going to the supermarket with my family and getting toffee apples. Autumn has all my favourite memories for me.

Seasonal drinks

Coffee, Cup, Drink, Dawn, Chocolate

All the best seasonal drinks come out in autumn and are the lead up to the winter drinks which come out in Starbucks and Costa. Costa brought out a seasonal drink for autumn this year which is bonfire spiced seasonal drinks, and these drinks are now my absolute favourite drink this autumn.

What are your favourite things about autumn? Let me know in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “10 things I love about Autumn”

  1. Yes!!! Hot chocolate for the win! I’ve been craving hot chocolate. I probably should get out my favorite mugs and start making myself some hot chocolate.

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      1. I love thunderstorms. We had a really loud couples days ago while I was reading Rules for Vanishing and it was just perfect

        Liked by 1 person

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