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What planners am I using?

Hey Readers

For a while I have been thinking about writing blog posts about my planning system.

  1. This will hold me accountable every month to use it.
  2. My blog is called the OrganisedBookGirl so I need to start incorporating this into my blog also.


This post is just going to go over the planners I am using for the year 2019-2020.


I used The Happy Planners by Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI). This is an american planner brand, to order into the UK  you can order either from the MAMBI website, Amazon or any UK sellers, I always purchase through Amazon or SuzyStickIt.


The planners I have are the 18 month Budget classic size planner, this is the first time using a budget planner.

I will officially start using it in the month of August, so I will have a review up once I start using it to its full potential.  In this planner you get:
* Monthly budget page
* Monthly Calendar
*Daily Pages
* Expense Tracker and a Bill Checklist


20190720_0942401416904602161718151.jpgThe next planner I have is the Wonder Seeker classic size planner, this is my catch all planner where I have everything I want to plan.  I have my weekly meal planning, my daily to do lists and a general task list and a habit tracker

I have this planner on the metal silver disks that you can buy separately.

This is a gorgeous planner and I am excited to use this for the rest of the year. I started using this in July.



20190720_0942323818358572174909777.jpg The final planner I am using this year is the squad goals mini size planner.

I use this as a quick throw in my bag planner, if I don’t want to take the catch all planner with me.

This is a 12 month planner and runs from July to June.

I use this so that I can jot down plans. I mainly take this to work so I can figure out what I need to do daily.



I am feeling very productive recently so I am hoping I do continue using these planners so the next 12/18 months. I will show you any added extras/accessories I use in them in future posts.

what planning systems do you use if any? Let me know in the comments below




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