2019 · weekend updates

Weekend Updates: 25th – 27th May

Hey readers!

Just another weekend update, this weekend is a long weekend due to the bank holiday on Monday in the UK, I love bank holiday weekends, I can get more stuff done that needs doing. 

Today hasn’t been as productive as I wanted it to be. This morning I went to get my nails done but I ended up in the shop a lot longer than I expected (2 and a half hours later).

I am hoping that tonight I can get the two physical books I am reading finished and then I can move onto more from my TBR pile. I am still currently reading A Storm of Swords (2) and Assassin’s apprentice. I mention what I might read next in my recent WWW post

I am also going to re-organize my shelves (they are a mess).  Hopefully, this will help me sort out my physical TBR, its a little uncontrol at the moment.

I have put my self on a 3-month spending ban for books, except the ones I will be getting in the Book Box Club subscription box I have recently subscribed to, a post about this will be coming next week.

I have been enjoying reading so much since starting this blog back up and I am feeling a change in my mood, I am not as stressed and I am more relaxed. I am also enjoying writing this blog, I’ll get better at it I promise.

anyway enough from me. I hope you all get some reading in this weekend. Let me know in the comments what you are reading?

– Happy reading 

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