2019, REVIEW

Review: Daughter of the Forest

Author: Juliet Marillier
Date Started: 05/05/2019
Date Finished:16/05/2019
Pages: 675
Star Rating: ✪✪✪


Trigger Warning: Very Graphic Rape scene

Synopsis Extract from Goodreads 

A magnificent saga set in the Celtic twilight of 10th century Ireland, when myth was law and magic was a power of nature, brilliantly brought to life: the legendary story of an evil stepmother opposed by a seventh child.

A wicked woman, an evil curse, and a love that must triumph over impossible odds

Set in the Celtic twilight of ancient Ireland, when myth was law and magic a force of nature, this is the tale of Sorcha, the seventh child of a seventh son, the forbidding Lord Colum, and of her six beloved brothers.

My thoughts:

Well.. my thoughts on this one are a little all over the place and I did have a couple of days to think about it.

This book was slow paced for me at the beginning of the book and I felt like even though there were things going on, there wasn’t anything going on, does that make any sense? I don’t know.

I didn’t really care for any of the characters at all for the 1st half of the book and I really disliked it. I thought of DNFing this book so many times. There is a graphic rape scene, which comes out of nowhere. like literally know where! I pushed through though and the 2nd half of the book does get better. I started to care for Sorcha and her quest. I didn’t and still don’t feel anything for her brothers, they really irritated me although I did appreciate the closeness of the relationship and I understand them being protective but sometimes it felt a little too much.

I really liked the character Red and I really liked how the relationship grew between his and Sorcha. I think he was a well-developed character and I would like to see how Red and his brother and Sorcha progress throughout the series.

Going back to the Graphic scene, this really made reading uncomfortable and was frequently mentioned throughout, although not in detail, but mentioned due to Sorcha obviously not trusting men from then onwards, but then when a sex scene does eventually happen it felt like just a passing mention.

overall I did eventually think this book was ok, and I am going to try to read the next book, but if I start to struggle with it like this one I will DNF. I am still trying to decide if Juliet Marillier’s writing is for me.


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