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Review: The House on Half Moon Street

The House on Half Moon Street

Author: Alex Reeves
Date Started: 22/04/2019
Date Finished:24/04/2019
Pages: 384
Star Rating:



Synopsis (Amazon)

When the body of a young woman is wheeled into the hospital where Leo Stanhope works, his life is thrown into chaos. Maria, the woman he loves, has been murdered and it is not long before the finger of suspicion is turned on him, threatening to expose his lifelong secret.

For Leo Stanhope was born Charlotte, the daughter of a respectable reverend. Knowing he was meant to be a man – despite the evidence of his body – and unable to cope with living a lie any longer, he fled his family home at just fifteen and has been living as Leo ever since his secret known to only a few trusted people.

Desperate to find Maria’s killer and thrown into jail, he stands to lose not just his freedom, but ultimately his life.

My Thoughts: 

Trigger warnings: Rape, Abortion, Kidnap, Suicide, prostitution 

This is a great start to a new series with Leo Stanhope (born Charlotte).

Being set in the 1800’s the standards, beliefs, laws, opinions, and attitudes correspond with these.

This book had a mixture of everything, it was gripping. Leo Stanhope is such a likable character.  The story went into detail regarding the darker side of life. The fact it was set in Victorian England is done really well and I thought to author stuck to the little details perfectly.

I think the main character, being transgender, was done and presented really well. Leo did meet people who didn’t like that he was transgender, including his own family, Without giving spoilers, one of the things his sister did in the book made me so angry, it was clear it had been done on purpose.  but you also got people who didn’t care and treated him as him.

The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was the rape scene. It was pretty “graphic” despite this it was only a couple of lines on a page.

I was extremely satisfied with the way the book ended and I can’t wait for the next one in the series to come out. I can’t wait to see where Leo’s story goes.

Let me know what you think if you have read this book, in the comments.

Happy reading
– Naomi, The Organised book girl.

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