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The War of the Dwarves review


Title: The War of the Dwarves
Author: Markus Heitz 
Stars: ✪✪✪✪

I was going to add the Synopsis in this review but as this is the 2nd book in The Dwarves series by Markus Heitz. This series is becoming a favourite of mine. It has everything you need in a good fantasy book, well for me anyway

In this book Tungdil and the Dwarves find themselves in more trouble and are needed once again to save the lives of the Dwarves and to save the kingdom of Girdlegard. 

I really enjoy Markus Heitz writing and happily fly through these books, which are over 600 pages each. 

There is character development through both books and you know there will be more to come in the next books. I love watching the dwarves and other characters grow throughout the story in ways you would least expect them too. There are shocks you don’t see coming. The book can be slow in some places but the action throughout,from beginning to end, is more than enough to make you fly through them.

I really would recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy, they need to give this series a go. I always have the next book handy so that I can read it as soon as I finish the one I am reading. I hardly do this with series but this one has just grabbed my attention. 

Markuz Heitz could well become an author I would re-read

Please leave a comment below if you have read this book and let me know what you through of it.

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