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Sunday coffee and ramble 

It’s Sunday night, I have my coffee and here is a little ramble of all my thoughts. I feel like I write a post like this fairly often but I have once again hit a slump. This is more a slump in life rather than just a reading slump. I haven’t finished a single book in August and possibly July. 

I think I have narrowed it down to a few things. 

1. Life in general, I am currently planning my wedding which I taking up all my time. I am constantly thinking about the wedding and everything I need to do for it. 

2. Social media, I base my reading of instagram and twitter and book tube. I think I need to stop comparing myself to what everyone is doing on these platforms and just concentrate on what I am doing with my reading and social media content

I am also thinking about my blog, I just don’t spend enough time on it as I feel I should be doing. I need to think of more content, to fill in the months I haven’t been finishing books. I am going to look into ways of adding more content and looking at things I can put in my blog. 

If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it so much, I love reading. My blog is massively out of comfort zone. It’s something I wanted to do to challenge myself and has a lot more followers than I could have ever dreamed it would have. I appreciate everyone of you and I want to make this something to I can be proud of. 


10 thoughts on “Sunday coffee and ramble ”

  1. Have you tried Eragon? It’s the first book of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle – it’s the first fantasy book I read (other than Harry Potter of course) and it really got me into reading! It’s long but awesome!!

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  2. You are getting married? Congratulations. Your blog is looking good. I haven’t posted on my blog for months and feel so guilty! I’ve got the imagination to write book but when it comes to a blog post my mind goes blank!

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    1. Hi Alison, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am getting married in June 2018 its getting closer. I am going to try and get my blog going again now for the 100th time 😀 hope everything is ok with you?


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