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Those that Remain Review

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This book was sent for a honest review by bloodhound books

Lucas is coasting to retirement in a mundane Florida police precinct when a brutal serial killer, codenamed Mechanic, lands on his patch. 

Three years ago they thought Mechanic was dead. But Mechanic is very much alive and no family is safe from the savage, ritualistic murders that this sadistic killer is compelled to commit.
Mechanic is always one step ahead and Lucas is forced to operate outside the law. 

But who can he trust and who is Mechanic? 

Soon Lucas will learn that truth is more terrifying than he could ever imagine and in order to find the answers he needs, he might just have to put his life on the line…

My Opinion:

Before I start please see my post I made when I was involved in the blog tour for this book here.

This book was sent to me as part of a book tour I was a part of by Bloodhound books and I will give it a honest review. 

I took me a little longer than usual to read this book as I haven’t been in a reading mood recently. I really enjoyed this story and was griped whenever I was reading it. 

I really enjoyed the characters and felt like I knew them as they grew throughout the story. 

I did managed to guess where the plot was going but I feel for this book it didn’t actually spoil anything in the story for me personally but this is why I have given it a 3.5 stars. 

I really can’t wait to read more by this author as I liked his writing style and the way that the story flowed. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick read and wouldn’t mind if you can see where the plot is going. 

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