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Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Voyage

Kindle Paperwhite               |                Kindle Voyage

Screen: 6″                                                                    Screen: 6″
Anti Glare: Yes                                                           Anti-Glare: Yes
Built in Light: Yes                                                      Built in Light: Yes
Page turn: Touch Screen                                         Page Turn: Touch screen and PagePress
Resolution: 300ppi                                                   Resolution: 300ppi
Colour: Black and White                                        Colour: Black
Charging Cover: No                                                 Charging Cover: No
Weight Wifi: 205g                                                    Weight Wifi: 180g
Weight 3G: 217g                                                       Weight 3G: 188g
Battery: Weeks                                                         Battery: Weeks

My Thoughts:

Even though there is no difference in screen size, I have noticed that there is a different feel to the screen compared to the Voyage. The voyage has more of a smooth feel and the paper white has a “paper” feel to it. 

I did notice the a glare more on the voyage but it wasn’t anything to stop me reading in sunlight outside. 

The light on the voyage is lighter (whiter) but I never really used the auto brightness function. I found that I was still changing the brightness down because the brightness just wasn’t for me whilst reading. 

Page press is a really good function as I could read whilst holding the kindle in which ever hand I wanted but with the paper white I feel I am limited as only one side will turn the page on whilst the other will turn the page backwards.

The resolution is the same on both the voyage and the paper white have the same resolution but the paper white as a look of paper in the background. 

I have tested both regarding weight and I couldn’t really feel the difference between the two. 

The battery will last weeks. I only charge mine once every few weeks but I don’t tend to read on it every day. I don’t have the wifi switched on and I have the brightness low more often than not but the battery life can vary depending on how long you read for and how often you use it. 

I have had three kindles and never once lost battery whilst I have been out and about. 

For the price I am not really 100% positive that the voyage is worth the extra money. Although I do miss the page press function.

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