Kindle Voyage…



My Kindle Voyage..

I have had this Kindle Voyage since 2014, I bought it to replace my Kindle PaperWhite (which I then gave to my mother in law). I absolutely loved my Kindle Voyage until a few months ago, when it started freezing and restarting. This wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t for the fact that once it restarted it would go back to were I started originally reading from. 

so.. If I had read 50 pages it would forget I had read them and I would have to find out where I was up to. I have my Kindle to show my reading time at the bottom so sometimes I wouldn’t know what page I was on or how many pages I have read. Here is where it started getting annoying, I had to skim read every page until I knew where I was up to. 

I have contacted Amazon customer services. I tried a few fixes which I had tried 2 months previously and it was still an issue. I have now ordered the Kindle PaperWhite the kindle previous to the one I was using and I am waiting on it being delivered (order from amazon prime now)

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