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#MSTechSummit Day 2



Tuesday I attended the #MSTechSummit for the second day, I found this day slightly more enjoyable but only because we took a slightly more relaxed approach to this day. We attended one full talk and then had a look around the sponsor booths to speak to some industry experts. The main things covered in this event throughout the two days were:

  • Azure – Click here for more information 
  • Office 365 – Click here for more information 
  • Windows 10 – Click here for more information 
  • Windows Server 2016 – Click here for more information 

Please see the slideshow below of some of the picture I had taken whilst I was attending the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a female  in the IT industry I was very surprised at how many other women where attending this event. The percentages where still around 80% men 20% woman, but there were more women in one place with regards to IT then I have been used to in the 8 years I have been involved in IT, whether this be in education or working in a company. 

Being at this event and hearing from the all the experts and being around all the new technology, seeing how far everything has come I am more motivated to work on making sure I can make myself the best I can be in the industry. 

I want to be a female in IT who might be able to make some form of difference whether it be in the company I am currently working on or whether its making a huge difference in another company. 

I was very surprised with the event itself has I mentioned in the previous post it wasn’t what I expected. It was above and beyond what I imagined for a free event. One thing that is very important to me when I attend such events is how they cater if they are providing free food. As I have an allergy this is a massive tick in the box for me. 

Attending this event has made me want to say in the industry I am in and it always makes me want to get certified and attend more Technology events. 

If this event is running next year I will definitely be attending. 

If you have any questions regarding this event and my experience, please ask in the comments below. 

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