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Reading Slumps

Copy of dotted ends.jpgI want to read so much all at the same time and I always get myself into slumps. 

I am reading around 4 different books, including ebooks at the moment but I can’t get into any. This isn’t because I am not enjoying them because I am enjoying them I sit down and force myself to read but thats the thing I have to force myself, which isn’t good at all. 

The books I am currently reading are: 

  • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss 
  • Horns by Joe Hill 
  • The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman (well I say reading, this is a graphic novel and I have read around 26 pages).

I started The Name of the Wind on February 1st 2017 and I am currently 29% into this novel 

I started Horns on February 19th 2017 and I am currently 42% into this novel 

I started The Complete Maus on March 17th 2017 and I am currently 9% into this graphic novel 

I am currently thinking about how I get myself out of this. Previously I have bought new books or ebooks but now I am worried about all the none read books I have waiting for me to read. I have also sorted through my kindle collections and this helped me until I finished another book and then couldn’t figure out what I want to read. ARGH 

I haven’t finished a book in an ENTIRE MONTH and as I run a book review blog, amongst other things I should be able to finish at book so I can have a review up. 

I am going to try and change my mind set and stop thinking about the books which I have to read or want to start reading  and only think of the books I am reading. I am also going to set myself a challenge of reading 100 pages a day, if I can’t do 100 pages for some reason that day I will set a challenge to 50 pages and fingers crossed I hope this works. 

What does everyone else do when they find themselves in this situation because I have been struggled with this for well over 1 year. I get into good sprints with reading but everything catches up with me and I don’t know what to do. Help me please! 🙂 




6 thoughts on “Reading Slumps”

  1. Same here, it’s tough, but don’t give up. Here are some things I do:

    – Chose a short book and finish it in one sitting or in one day to make yourself feel like you’re on top of things. Here’s a Goodreads list with books under 200 page or 50k https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/19081.Great_Short_Short_Books

    – Of the books you have on the go, chose the one you enjoy the most and focus on finishing it (ignore all the other books that are “waiting for you”)

    – Reread an old book you enjoyed a lot (on Goodreads rereading counts as one more book read this year, a new feature, they must know what they’re on about 🙂 )

    – Remember you don’t have to finish every book you’ve started! And certainly, you don’t have to finish every book you’ve started — now! You can take days, weeks, months, years … I’ve got a dozen or so on the go and eventually I get around to them all, but you don’t have to pressure yourself into being quick about it. Start a new one, then start another new one. There are millions of books waiting for you to read them.

    Hope this helped a smidge. And hope the reading gets happier.


    1. OMG thank you for your advice. I had noticed that re-reading is counting towards books this year and I am happy about that because I re-read many books. I think because I use Goodreads and I see so many people finish it makes me feel so bad :(.

      I have a book I am really enjoying (Horns by Joe Hill) so this will be slightly easier to carry about with me. I think I will concentrate on this one first.

      thank you so much for your words 😀

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      1. Hey, I’m behind on my reading goals on Goodreads this year too 🙂 There’s always the ‘reduce goal’ option! What matters most is the quality of the reading and what you get from it. Some books aren’t worth a detailed read because they just aren’t what you’re looking for in that moment (you can always come back for that slow reread). Others are worth that extra few hours to really understand what they’re saying.

        Self-set reading goals are guidelines, the rest is between you and those pages. 🙂

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      2. Thank you I will look into this evening 🙂 I had an old blog and I started a new one but I think it’s still linked somehow. 🙂

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