Frankenstien Review




Mary  Shelley

Version: Kindle Edition 



We start this story with written letters from a man called Walton who is writing letters to his loved one back home. He writes about the fact they have brought a man on board and this is where the story starts. Victor Frankenstein became obsessed with science as a child and went away to study it. He then decided to take one thing a step further and created life patched together from dead bodies. He then realises his mistake and immediately runs away and tries to forget about it. It comes back to haunt him.

My Thoughts

This is the first book I have read that has been written in this time period, and it shocked me because I like it. I have a mindset that books that are ‘old’ won’t be good and I think that’s because I’ve scared myself with them. At the beginning of the book I actually felt sorry for Frankenstein’s monster and I didn’t understand why victor would be so repulsed by something to my understanding he wanted to create so badly. I wanted victor to stand up to his monster and accept his responsibilities as his creator. Towards the end of the book victor started to annoy me and I think the point of him not accepting that he needs to either become friends with his monster and teach him or get rid of him, which I know is at some points what he makes up in his mind. I liked the writing style in this book and even though I thought i would struggle and the language was somewhat different when I had time to sit and read I flew through it and found the writing so easy to follow. I did however get slightly confused between the end of the letter and where he started telling victors story, now this could of been because I was reading when my full attention wasn’t on it I can’t remember but this slight annoyance didn’t anything away from the book and probably wouldn’t bother another reader. I love the rebellion streak in the story, victor going to school and learning about the scientist that no one else thought mattered and when his friend ….. Finally persuaded his father to let him go to school even though it was against what he believed in.


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