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My 2017 Planner Setup 



As it is the new year I thought I would start off with a post about my 2017 planner set up and how I hope it will help me throughout this year

In 2017 using my planner to it’s full potential is essential to how I want to organise my life, whether or not it will work is an entirely different matter. 

I knew that 2017 was the year I wanted to be more productive and I have been watching the planner part of youtube for roughly 6 months now. I found a brilliant youtuber who inspires me to want to get my ass into gear and to do more with my life. Her name is Alexis from Strange and Charmed.

I were watching her 2017 planner setup and loved the idea of having 7 goals I want to achieve from 2017. Here is a link to her free printable I am using in my planner as pictured. 

My Goals for the year are: 

  1. Use a planner – I have been using a planner since August 2016 but I don’t feel like I have been using it to its full potential. I want to make sure everything I write down in my planner actually gets done. I usually write things or place stickers but actually never do anything I have ‘planned’ so its a waste. 
  2. Work hard even when your boss isn’t watching – I always make sure I am doing what my boss wants in work and nothing else but I am going to make sure I do everything and more. I have a manager who works in my office which allows me to be EXTREMELY laid back and it’s made me lazy at work now. I need to get out of this and be super productive in work as well as outside work. 
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day – I am so unhealthy when it comes to drinking. I will automatically go for a bottle of fizzy pop usually pepsi or have lots of coffee and that is it. I can go an entire week where I don’t touch a glass of water in the whole week. believe me I am not exaggerating..   I need to work on this this year as part of my get fit and healthy plan. 
  4. Keep a Journal – This is something I am so unsure about as I have never kept a journal. EVER! so I do not know where to start. I think I am going to do some research to see what everyone else journals and see if this is something I will be interested in doing throughout the year.I will keep you all updated. 
  5. Home Cleaning Routine – This is here because I suck at cleaning. That is all! 
  6. Simple Evening Routine – I do not have a routine before I go to bed. This is something I want to change. This way I can add more time for reading and get earl nights. 
  7. Read 1 book a month – I can do really well with reading in a year but it isn’t consistent and I can go months without picking a book up. I am hoping my reading plan will help me with this so I can read consistently throughout the year.

These are my goals for 2017 so I will be updating you regarding whether this is something I keep track off. 

I also have my reading plan as posted yesterday. If you miss it please see this here.


January Planning 

Here is my planning for week 2nd – 8th January I have used Stickers from Mrs Brimbles Sticker club. These include the checkbox strip and the other little green stickers on the page.

I used the bin, water bottle and plan this week stickers from TheGeekyPlanner

I have put everything I know is going to happen this week, like appointments I have made for work. Which bin is going out on the Monday, my 5 year anniversary and my trip to go and watch chitty chitty bang bang in theatre. I will be planning the rest of the week as I am going along due to the randomness of my work (I am an IT Technician). I have also filled out my monthly schedule so I can have a look at this when I come to plan other weeks. Things I have missed off are my blog posts. I need to figure out the best days for writing these so I can have them up for the Sunday. 

I am hoping to keep planning this way throughout January and see how it goes for me. 

Do any of you have a planner? If you do what planner do you have?

Let me know if you have any planner related posts you would like to see.

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