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Reading Plan


I have been using my Happy Planner on and off since August this year but I have decided that 2017 I will be using this everyday the way it is meant to be used. I have added a few inserts for my reading to help me keep on top of my reading.

Happy Planner

I got these printable inserts from ToInsanityAndBack. Once I have completed a book I will be colouring the book on the ‘bookshelf’ I will be keeping a log including page numbers. I also want to list 10 books I will be reading in the new year, please look at my new year resolution post.

Inserts I have printed for my Happy Planner

These also came with a review page which I will print out for whilst I am reading a book and I will then remove and archive once I have written my review and posted it on here.

I am going to start posting on a Sunday with either a review or a planner related post

I hope everyone is going to like my new content and if you have recommendations for posts please let me know.

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