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Alice in Wonderland Review

Alice In Wonderland 

Lewis Carrol 

3.5 Stars

I did really enjoy the beginning and middle of this story I wasn’t so keen on the way in which it ended. I would probably look at this differently if I hadn’t seen the film and TV adaptitions for this story first. Even though I knew that it all ended with her back in her family surroundings, I felt it was rather abrupt in the story for. I would recommend reading the story if you have just seen the films, as the adaptions have been really good and stuck mostly to the plot line.

That being said I did love all the characters and they were all exactly as I remember ed them being from what I have seen of the story and everything was very well discribed and set for me. I actually felt like I was there watching this story unfold.

I will be trying to read other versions to see how they differ from this on, especially the longer versions. . I am looking forwardto re reading this story in the near future, including after reading A story of Alice.

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