Terry Pratchett

RIP Sir Terry

1948 – 2015

Terry Pratchett was an amazing author of the Discworld series; which is a series that includes around 41 books. In 2007 Terry was diagnosed with an embuggerance (Alzheimer’s Disease) and even though he thought he had little time left he continued to write his stories for us to read. He wrote 5 books before his death in March 2015.


Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

The End.

To me I will remember everything I were doing when I found out. I was at work sat in my office, waiting for my colleague to come back so we could go finish of a job. He came back into the office and told me Sir Terry Pratchett had died. I stopped what I was doing and shouted at him for making up a horrible story to get on my nerves. We had been talking about terry throughout the day before as a client of mine noticed my Discworld wallpaper on my laptop. I wouldn’t believe him and couldn’t check the news. I was scared. When I finally brought myself to check I wanted to cry (damn onion fairy). I honestly didn’t know what to do. My second reaction was but what about granny and the wizards and Discworld.

To me even though Sir Terry is no longer here,  I am going to cherish everything he has written even more. The Turtle hasn’t stopped moving and he hasn’t gone. He lives on through his books and his fans, as long as we still read and still stay his name, the turtle will still continue to move and he will still live on.

A truly inspiring man none of us Discworld fans will ever forget. 

*Here will be linked all the reviews as I go through and re-read these books*

1. The Colour of Magic

2. The Light Fantastic

3. Equal Rites

4. Mort

5. Sourcery

6. Wyrd Sisters

7. Pyramids

8. Guards! Guards!

9. Eric

10. Moving Pictures

11. Reaper Man

12. Witches Abroad

13. Small Gods

14. Lords and Ladies

15. Men at Arms

16. Soul Music

17. Interesting Times

18. Maskerade

19. Feet of Clay

20. Hog Father

21. Jingo

22. The Last Continent

23. Carpe Jugulum

24. The Fifth Elephant

25. The Truth

26. Thief of Time

27. The Last Hero

28. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

29. Night Watch

30. The Wee Free Men

31. Monstrous Regiment

32. A Hat Full of Sky

33. Going Postal

34. Thud!

35. Wintersmith

36. Making Money

37. Unseen Academicals

38. I Shall Wear Midnight

39. Snuff

40. Raising Steam

41. The Shepherd’s Crown

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