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The Book Life Tag

The Book Life Tag 

Note: This has been posted from my original blog escapefromrealities.com

I wasn’t tagged in this particular tag, I came across it on this blog here

I tag Mamandapanda and Ashleigh

Who would your parents be?


Sophie and Billy from billy and me. They seem to be the perfect little book couple and even though they have their ups and downs
I think they would be great parents

Who would be your sister?


Ginny Weasley would be my sister, at first I thought best friend but she is loyal and protective even as a little sister and I like that quality.

Who would be your brother?

Jon Snow, I’m only half way through the 1st game of thrones book but I have seen up to season 2 in the series and I would love Jon Snow to be my brother. Even though he’s joined the watch, he never forgets about his siblings.


Who would be your pet?

Ghost, the dire wolf would be my pet. I love ‘dogs’ and Ghost seems like the most protective and calm animal out there.

Where would you live?

Rosefont Hill the quiet little village in Billy and me. I fell in love with the way this little village was described and how I imagined it. 23152412

Where would you go to school?


This needs no explanation.. HOGWARTS

Who would be your best friend?


Harry Potter. In life there would never be a dull moment.

Who would be your significant other?


Eli Margolis from Servants of Fate Series by Sarah Fine. He was the first fictional crush in a book where I was reading the books to mainly find out how he was getting on throughout the series.

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